O Muse! 09: Winter Solstice 2022

• Martyn Lucas • Matthew Herbert • Jennifire Hill • Janelle Seabock • Elizabeth Barrett Browning • Sumner L. Fairfield

Silver Godesses

Ice ... she stood there within her castle of many battlements gazing down upon us...... this silver goddess of the sea.

Pastel Essentia

My process is messy like me, a work in progress. I love smearing and smudging the pastels.

The Music

It’s three-thirty in the morning and we’re far underground


Lyre of my Love! for many a lonely hour Thou hast breathed music o’er my sinking mind

Change on Change

Three months ago, the stream did flow, The lilies bloomed along the edge; And we were lingering to and fro,—

Mercury Snake

Sliding through the water like a Mercury Snake