Pastel Essentia

My process is messy like me, a work in progress. I love smearing and smudging the pastels.

Midjourney Dreams

Surreal AI art by Photographer Pompo Bresciani

100 Silent Ways

Spoken language is only one of many ways humans communicate with each other.

Rabbit & Bear

powerful, tender moments of conversation and reflection

The Art of Remembrance

Mausoleum Cremation Urn Cabinet, complete with three secret compartments

Midjourney Dreams – A.I.-Generated Art

Pompo is a stills photographer for feature film and television productions, including for AMC (TV Network), Hulu and ICG. He has worked on Swamp People, Leverage, and, most recently, Ann Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and

Deep Blue Plunge

I find inspiration in the human spirit, nature, and everyday moments.

Did you say Puppets?

When I paint with a puppet I feel freed from the controlling part of my mind.

My Heart You Cannot Take By Force – Part 2

Oleksandra Green is an illustrator who lives in Lviv, Ukraine. She is posting powerful messages and sketches that express her anger and fear, determination and clarity about the Russian invasion of her homeland.

Mom, I see war

“Mom, I see war” was created to show the world how Ukrainian children are experiencing Russia’s attack on their country.


Oksana Fogg is a Ukrainian artist who lives in New Orleans. She is auctioning her paintings to raise money for Ukrainian families affected by the war.