Midjourney Dreams


  1. O Muse! 08: Fall Equinox 2022
  2. Midjourney Dreams
  3. But, Is It Art? A.I. Musings
  4. 100 Silent Ways
  5. Villager / Wallflower
  6. Rabbit & Bear
  7. The Art of Remembrance
  8. I Will Remember This Day
  9. The Birds Are Still Singing
  10. Leisure
  11. Nature
  12. The Language of Flowers
  13. Disputed Tread
  14. The Use Of Life
  15. World Cyanotype Day – Sept. 24, 2022

A.I.-generated art

Pompo Bresciani is a stills photographer for feature film and television productions, including for AMC (TV Network), Hulu and ICG. He has worked on Swamp People, Leverage, and, most recently, Ann Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and MIKE (about Mike Tyson).

Pompo’s photographs have appeared on the pages of many worldwide magazines, brochures and publications.

Pompo lives in
New Orleans, Louisiana


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But, Is It Art? A.I. Musings (omusemag.org)

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