I Will Remember This Day

  1. I Will Remember This Day
  2. The Use Of Life
  3. World Cyanotype Day – Sept. 24, 2022
  4. O Muse! 08: Fall Equinox 2022

I will remember this day
Just like almost any day
That my tears fell like rain
My heart was full of pain
She brought along her baby
As if to say, maybe.
But, then she laid with me upon my bed
And, I stroked her pretty blonde head
I remember the day God blessed me with
With this precious, delightful gift
If a million years could fill a heart
She did mine – from the very start
She comforted me when I cried
And, always stood there by my side
I told her that she could go
And, I know she loved me so
I prayed that God to send Angels quickly
To lift her from this painful body of humanity
They will bring her over the Rainbow Bridge
Straight to Heaven with all her incredible speed and courage!
On the day I leave this Earth
I will surge upward like a lightning bolt to her
Where my Savior will first I see
And, my beautiful Afghan Hound will greet me!


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