Deep Blue Plunge


  1. O Muse! 07: Summer Solstice 2022
  2. O Muse! is going to the MOON!!!!
  3. Everything is Blue in this World
  4. Hunter Moon
  5. The House of the Seven Gables (excerpt)
  6. Deep Blue Plunge
  7. The oldest known star chart
  8. Star Taker
  9. One Circle More
  10. Did you say Puppets?
  11. Voices of the Air
  12. Voices of Earth
  13. Hear Me While You Can
  14. Singing Waters
  15. Hoo-Mee?
  16. Whippoorwill

The Plunge:

Quiet Times:

Down to the Wire:

Blue Moon:

Soul Surrender:


As a student of life, I hope to inspire a curiosity for a deeper connection to one’s heart and mind to awaken our truth. Creativity and mindfulness are two modes through which we can explore our inner freedom and well-being. I find inspiration in the human spirit, nature, and everyday moments.

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