My Heart You Cannot Take By Force – Part 2


  1. O Muse! 06: Ukraine Edition 2022
  2. My Heart You Cannot Take By Force – Part 2
  3. Mom, I see war
  4. Lullaby Behind the Lines
  5. Not Your War
  6. Inspired by Picasso’s Guernica
  7. Sunflowers
  8. Traditional Ukrainian Household
  9. Love our Ukraine
  10. Ukrainian Embroidery
  11. “Zapovit” and “I care not if it’s in Ukraine”
  12. Ukrainian National Anthem
  13. The End and the Beginning
  14. Imagine

Олександра Грін

Oleksandra is an illustrator who lives in Lviv, Ukraine, in the western part of the country near the border of Poland. At the start of the Invasion, her posts changed from lighthearted illustrations to powerful messages and sketches that express her anger and fear, determination and clarity about the Russian invasion of her homeland. I had hoped to include her art in the spring issue, but didn’t hear back from her in time. Here is that post and issue.


My heart you cannot take by force
серце моє не візьмеш силою

random thoughts come to your mind at random times.
I was walking with my dog and realized:
to be happy you need so little,
the feeling of a peaceful sky
above your head is enough.
What a simple thing.
What a hard time to realize it…

гуляєш з собакою і приходить думка: щоб бути щасливим, достатньо простого усвідомлення «мирності» неба над твоєю головою.
які прості речі. який непростий час, щоб їх зрозуміти.


Never in my life have I been so proud to be a Ukrainian woman!
ще ніколи в житті так не пишалась тим, що я – українка!

It was the seventh day of the war.



Burn in Hell, dear “rescuers”


Take your bloody hands off my home!
Just stop this craziness!


Together we are the force
Разом ми – сила


Give me back my peaceful sky!
поверніть мені моє мирне небо!


One of the stories is written in Ukrainian blood today. A story about senseless, ignorant brute beasts and a small but strong girl.

My little one, everything is going to be alright! But you, forsaken beasts, you should run, crawl into your caves and pray! We will never forgive, we will never forget!

“Tell me the truth, do I still have a left hand, or don’t I have it anymore?”

I was met with this question by Sasha, who is 9 years old, the moment I walked into her hospital room after her surgery.

Should I remain silent? Should I lie? What can I say to a child who is saying she is in pain but she understands that she must stay strong. She is asking me if she will be healthy. Is it possible to make her prosthesis pink, with a flower?

My heart is breaking. She is so strong. She is not saying, “ouch, it hurts.” She grits her teeth and hides her pain. She says crying is for weak.

She can hear gunshots and explosions, but stays calm and wishes everyone in the hospital goodnight.

She thanks all the nurses for our work, she worries about our sleep, because she worries that we spend our night with her, when we are supposed to sleep in our beds, to have enough strength to help other people tomorrow.

I wanted to say that this miracle child is the only one in this hospital. But unfortunately…

It is painful. I am overwhelmed with hate and anger towards all those who did it, purposefully did it to these children.

I am sitting with Sasha, listening about what she wants. It is so simple, she wants to take a shower and drink Fanta. This is all she needs to be happy. She is grateful to the doctors and doesn’t want to occupy a bed in the hospital. She wants people who are sicker then her to have her bed…

I’m Ukrainian. It’s my superpower!

Exactly one month ago evil rushed into my home.
No one expected and no one asked for this evil.
Evil came silently at night, crawled into our lives to kill, to steal and to destroy.

Exactly for one month, my Ukraine is burning
Exactly one month, I feel immense hatred and burning love.

But I know, soon we will win.
Evil will be gone, but the small part that will survive will crawl back to their burrows
to read in their dictionaries the definition of the word “FREEDOM”

And our spring will come.
We will have hugs and smiles.
Ukraine will stand!

My dear, I know, it is hard!
But you are very strong, together we can do anything!
Thank you, my people!
You are amazing!


Рівно місяць назад у мій дім увірвалось зло.
Зло, яке ніхто не чекав і не кликав.
Зло, що підкралось підступно, вночі.. приповзло вбивати, грабувати та нищити.
Рівно місяць, як моя Україна в огні.
Рівно місяць, як я відчуваю люту ненависть і гарячу любов.
Але я знаю, що скоро ми переможемо.
Зло впаде, а частина, що залишиться – полізе у свої нори читати у словниках значення слова “СВОБОДА”.
І буде наша весна.
Будуть обійми і усмішки.
Буде Україна!
Люба, я знаю, що тобі важко!
Але ти дуже сильна, разом ми зможемо все!
Дякую, мої люди!
Ви неймовірні!

Raped for being born Ukrainians!
a wild rage.
I never thought that I would draw such illustrations.
the pain and hate is just overwhelming.
now i believe in hell.
and know for sure who will rot there forever!
Зґвалтовані за те, що народились українками! дика лють. ніколи не думала, що малюватиму подібні ілюстрації. біль і ненависть просто переповнюють. тепер я вірю у пекло. і точно знаю, хто буде гнити там вічно!


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