Not Your War

  1. O Muse! 06: Ukraine Edition 2022
  2. My Heart You Cannot Take By Force – Part 2
  3. Mom, I see war
  4. Lullaby Behind the Lines
  5. Not Your War
  6. Inspired by Picasso’s Guernica
  7. Sunflowers
  8. Traditional Ukrainian Household
  9. Love our Ukraine
  10. Ukrainian Embroidery
  11. “Zapovit” and “I care not if it’s in Ukraine”
  12. Ukrainian National Anthem
  13. The End and the Beginning
  14. Imagine

Ukrainian mega rock band Okean Elzy’s 2015 song “Not Your War” is taking on new meaning as Russia invades Ukraine yet again and the rest of the world watches. It starts out with the line “Battle at dawn, sun in smoke cloud.” One of the main visual elements in the video is a coin with dark and light sides representing a society that is waiting, not acting, watching to see which direction the coin will fall. It talks of false gods, “How many more be taken now… Of our kids, by not our war?” and how we “kiss the hands of liars” because we want quiet nights.

Other Okean Elzy’s old hits are finding a new light with the war, such as “Bez boyu” which vows to not surrender without putting up a good fight. “Obiymy” (“Hug me”) promises “when the day comes, the war will end.”

Everyone in Ukraine knows Okean Elzy’s lead singer Slava Vakarchuk. Besides being is one of the most successful musicians in Ukraine, he also was elected twice to parliament, even creating his own political party, and has a PhD in theoretical physics.
Okean Elzy has long been a vocal protestor of Russia, refusing to perform in Russia since Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014. “You cannot perform in the country that annexed your territory and pretend nothing happened.”

Vakarchuk did not hesitate to enlist in the army when the war began, and is using his popularity and music to boost morale and support his people and his country. Performing to people hiding out in the subways and the wounded in hospitals.

“Ukraine today is the bravest nation in the world, and I mean it. It is true that we did not have a choice, we had to fight. But we had a choice on how to fight and the way we’ve chosen makes me very proud. Everyone from generals to soldiers, to nurses and ordinary drivers is trying to do their best for Ukraine’s victory.” – Slava Vakarchuk

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