Love our Ukraine


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This poem expresses Ukrainian’s love for their Motherland
and helps others understand the “true Ukrainian soul.”

Love our Ukraine

Love our Ukraine, as the sun loves her
As the wind, the grass, the waters
Love her in the moments of joy and bliss
As well as in the moments of sorrow

Love our Ukraine in your dreams and awake
Love her as a cherry in blossom
Her beauty eternal, her language that rings
Like a nightingale’s song in the orchard

Without her, we’re nothing,
just cinder and dust
That has been dispersed all around
Love our Ukraine with all of your heart
As well as your thoughts and your talents

For us in this world, she’s the only one
Ukraine with her eyes sober brown
She is in the stars, in the willows and winds
In all our hearts, small and grown

She is in the flowers, the birds, palisades
In all of our songs and in dumas
She is in the smile of a child, maiden’s eyes
In the crimson of battle flags flying

She is like the Burning Bush that can’t be burnt
She lives in the trails and oak forests
She’s factory whistle, Dnipro’s mighty waves
She’s clouds above colored purple

She’s cannonade’s roar that chases away
Our foes in their green uniforms
In rifles we hold firmly on our way up
Towards spring, so sincere and delightful

Young man!
She deserves all your laughter and tears
Each second till your dying hour
You can’t comprehend the ways of other lands
Unless all your love’s for Ukraine

Young maiden!
Like blue sky, above and beyond
You must love Ukraine every instant
for your darling will break up your bond
If your love for Ukraine’s inconsistent

Love her in trouble, in joy, even war
As guns are all opening fire
Just love your Ukraine, and your spirit will soar
And stay with her always inspired!

Verbatim translation by the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom.

Listen to the poem recited by South African Ukrainians in their native language.

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