Leaf Affair

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January, 2000

You first cast your spell on me
That first winter snowfall
A fluffy mound of snow
Clung to your side
Defying gravity’s pull

You maintained your dignity,
Staying erect
With this heavy white burden
A surprising show of strength

As I passed you each day
On the walking path
I admired your delicate charm
A sculpture of curled bronze
Gently swinging on a tendril pendulum
Against a stark backdrop of bare branches
Disproving the myth
That beauty belongs only to the young

Today I climb the
snowy trail to find you
My eyes searching for a
glimpse of your loveliness
Fearing you may not be there

As I make my way over the crest of the hill
I see a flash of russet
catching the morning sun
And sigh in relief
You have endured yet another day
We are survivors, you and I.


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