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Hunter Moon

by Kate Rusby. I was imagining the moon being in love with the sun. But he can never catch her and he can never tell her.


Come dance in the willows, the moon is still high. Song by Diana Thornton. With Beth Patterson LIVE.


by Luna Madden, 2nd High Priestess, Nida Order of the Lowlands of Molish.
English translation by Danzi Highwood. An allegorical drama inspired by playing the ancient music of Hildegard von Zemik backward.*

Lullaby Behind the Lines

Sleep, sleep, my baby dear. Don’t cry, or they’ll know that we’re hiding down here. And when it is safe, we will hurry for the plane, and you’ll never remember the war … Lyrics by Beth Waggoner Patterson.

Not Your War

Ukrainian mega rock band Okean Elzy’s 2015 song “Not Your War” is taking on new meaning as Russia invades Ukraine yet again