1. The Adventures of Luna and Danzi: Episode One
  2. The Adventures of Luna and Danzi: Episode Two
  3. The Adventures of Luna and Danzi: Episode Three
  4. The Adventures of Luna and Danzi: Episode Four
  5. The Adventures of Luna and Danzi: Episode Five
  6. The Adventures of Luna and Danzi: Episode Six
  7. The Adventures of Luna and Danzi: Episode Seven
  8. Narius

by Luna Madden, 2nd High Priestess, Nida Order of the Lowlands of Molish.
English translation by Danzi Highwood.

An allegorical drama inspired by playing the ancient music of Hildegard von Zemik backward.*

[a capella, harmony]
Ye d’varda, lodar ves
Nar – Narius

[D’ghuy-durry music starts]
Ye d’varda, lodar ves
So shatters the palaces of Narius.
Nar- Narius

The bearers of the arrows
and the keepers of the rage
Remember not the taste of mother’s milk
as they are slain by silver arias.

Ye d’varda, lodar ves
Nar- Narius
[Music stops]

This is not the place for doubters!
Or those who fear there is no
grand purpose in the universe.
Are you just going to sit there,
waiting for falling miracles?

The subtlety of evil reveals itself
when the archer aims for himself.
In the turquoise light of madness,
shadows darken the word of Truth,
and Truth becomes the enemy you must kill,
to the sound of distant laughter.
HA! [from back of room] [shake trimba]

From the instance of birth you travel
with only a map of the midnight moon.
For when you live in a house without walls,
you taste the naked ache of the wanderer.
Blind to all boundaries —
until dominion replaces idealism
with false vision.

Can you hear it?
A feather,
riding a still wind.
Hear how it lingers…
Caressing the divine details.
A gentle seed
that tickles the feet of conquerers
and the minds of dreamers.

[D’ghuy-durry music starts]
Ye d’varda, lodar ves.
Nar- Narius
Nar- Narius

*Actually, Diana discovered it when she accidentally played her song Savor the Light of Day (which was co-written with Beth Patterson) backward.

©1996 Diana Thornton

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