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DECEMBER 21, 2021

Winter Solstice marks the fourth issue of O Muse!, an art, literature and music publication that celebrates, supports, and promotes the diversity of creatives.

Artists are often categorized by a single talent – musician, painter, songwriter, photographer. But their talents are rarely confined to a single medium – photos by musicians (or is it music by photographers?), short stories by artists, paintings by writers. And then there are the lawyers, garbage collectors and archaeologists who have a room in their house filled with canvases or a vintage typewriter or a loom (or all of the above). O Muse! emphasizes this versatility and fusion of artistic expression and illuminates the many facets of creatives.

O Muse! was founded by Diana Thornton, owner of Crescent Music Services, who is also a singer/songwriter. For over 25 years, Diana has worked with hundreds of New Orleans musicians and record labels to design and manufacture their CDs.

“When Covid-19 shut down my clients and friends from playing and selling CDs at gigs, I got the idea for O Muse! Magazine to introduce people to some of their other talents. I, too, was looking for new outlets for my own graphic design, photography, music and writing in this post-CD era of the music industry.”

Diana drew from her network of musician and artist friends and family as well as from her own portfolio for content for the first issues. O Muse! has featured nature photography from Zydeco musician Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes, Hurricane Ida-inspired art by Amzie Adams, dumpster photos from Jimmy Anselmo, photos by Pat Jolly, haiku by Johnette Downing, and a fun ongoing serial novel by Beth W. Patterson. Beth is known as a bouzouki player and singer/songwriter, but she also writes fiction and is a talented artist. A series called “The Art of Music” highlights original cover art created for albums of Sam Price & the True Believers, October Project and Khari Allen Lee.

O Muse! Magazine is published quarterly on the solstices and equinoxes. It is available as a free PDF download and online viewing at, readable on any computer or tablet. It has a clean, beautiful layout with high quality images and artist contact links and biographies. There is no print edition at this time, which keeps production costs down and allows for greater flexibility with content and last-minute additions. Corresponding posts on offer responsive phone viewing, SEO and sharing for each article.

The Winter Solstice issue goes live December 21, 2021, on It will include works from Tracey Roberts, Shannon Barletta, Diana Thornton, Joe Barbara and CJ Hunt.

Subscriptions are FREE. All creatives are welcome to submit their art, music, writing, poetry, photographs, textiles, etc. for consideration. O Muse! Magazine is supported by donations.

Contact: Diana Thornton, Editor/Publisher   504-312-2354

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