1. O Muse! 02: Summer Solstice 2021
  2. Her
  3. Through the Lens of a Naturalist
  4. Fortune
  5. Fiber Roots
  6. Leporidae Picnic
  7. Analog Selfie
  8. Chicago Summer
  9. 7 Breaths


Dangling, downward, dangerous caresses by hands born of a mangled mind, one not my own at times. Filtered, passed-over feelings, deluded with illusions so contained, they’re contaminated! Invincible, invisible strings pulling on my vulnerable, stained-glass heart, thoughts r I S E as quickly as they F A L l… Parts of me rising and falling in rhythm…

Star Shower


I close my eyes again and imagine the swirling life around me. I can feel the tilt of the earth and the vertigo it gives me as it rotates at a flesh-melting speed.


I assimilate a rainbow myriad of sensations; closing my eyes I imagine the place I am in, wonder at the beauty of the women, the folly of men in their conquests, the starry lights…. How easily I transition into the downward slope of a wintry voice, plunge into eyes as black as the Atlantic, diffuse into sensuality…

Self Portrait

I fear to see the distorted image of myself in another. Is this ego? (I know that answer before I finish typing the question). Truth is, I don’t really care. But there is a basic, human need for understanding in us all that, in moments, compels us to correct others’ inaccurate judgments. There are moments when I understand the ways others think about me that I find intolerable. It’s been on my mind that when other people are in certain places mentally, they can be without charity, without feeling.

Sun Struck

Gaia 1

Lemurian Lyre

Remembering Lemuria

The moon isn’t full but it is dramatically luminous and the sky is clear like a sparkling, cobalt, midnight-blue, glass dome. Everything I see is an explosion of twinkling light, completely illuminated and shimmering. The midnight velvet is glittered with web-like constellations and galaxies… Orion has the moon directly in his sights… in the cold hush I hear my own voice speaking these words to you as I write them… I wish you warmth and comfort tonight, and dreams of things that bring you peace…


Tricia Moszkowicz
Tricia Moszkowicz is a native Houstonian artist. Having lived much of her childhood in rural, forested areas she draws cues mostly from nature and spirit. Nature, the supernatural, and dreams all have their own special place in her work. Often combining mystical overtones along with the Divine Feminine, many of her pieces reflect a deep analytical complexity evoking the feminine presence in all realms. While Tricia loves to sing just as wildly as anything she creates with her hands, her painted/drawn work leans toward abstract expressionism with a twist of surrealistic fantasy.

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