Winter Branches


  1. O Muse! 04: Winter Solstice 2021
  2. Synesthesia
  3. Amziecaster
  4. It sifts from leaden sieves
  5. I think the weather mourned you too
  6. Dancing with David
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  9. Winter Branches
  10. Blue Winter
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  12. Wild Man Wyman
  13. The Neutral Ground
  14. Marley Maeve Surfboard Mosaics
  15. icicles

by Margaret Widdemer

When winter-time grows weary, I lift my eyes on high
And see the black trees standing, stripped clear against the sky;

They stand there very silent, with the cold flushed sky behind,
The little twigs flare beautiful and restful and kind;

Clear-cut and certain they rise, with summer past,
For all that trees can ever learn they know now, at last;

Slim and black and wonderful, with all unrest gone by,
The stripped tree-boughs comfort me, drawn clear against the sky.


Photo by Dan Simpson

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