O Muse! 06: Ukraine Edition 2022

Oleksandra Green • Svitlana Baranivska • Oksana Fogg • Beth Patterson • Okean Elzy • Sacha Suarez • Children of Ukraine

My Heart You Cannot Take By Force – Part 2

Oleksandra Green is an illustrator who lives in Lviv, Ukraine. She is posting powerful messages and sketches that express her anger and fear, determination and clarity about the Russian invasion of her homeland.

Mom, I see war

“Mom, I see war” was created to show the world how Ukrainian children are experiencing Russia’s attack on their country.

Lullaby Behind the Lines

Sleep, sleep, my baby dear. Don’t cry, or they’ll know that we’re hiding down here. And when it is safe, we will hurry for the plane, and you’ll never remember the war ... Lyrics by Beth

Not Your War

Ukrainian mega rock band Okean Elzy’s 2015 song “Not Your War” is taking on new meaning as Russia invades Ukraine yet again


Oksana Fogg is a Ukrainian artist who lives in New Orleans. She is auctioning her paintings to raise money for Ukrainian families affected by the war.

Love our Ukraine

Vladimir Sosyura's poem expresses Ukrainian’s love for their Motherland and helps others understand the “true Ukrainian soul.”

The End and the Beginning

Anyone who has experienced war, or even a natural disaster, knows it doesn’t end when the bombs stop falling or the rain stops or the wind stops blowing. That is the message of poet Wislawa Szymborska.


John Lennon's timeless song of peace.