Northern Parula

  1. O Muse! 05: Spring Equinox 2022
  2. Dove of Peace
  3. My heart you cannot take by force
  4. Before the war … we were just people.
  5. Lord Have Mercy (Ukraine Version)
  6. Life
  7. One Silence Like a Clap of Thunder
  8. Tracy L. Conway
  9. A Perch of Birds
  10. Colour of My Dreams
  11. Wish I May
  12. Little Good Women
  13. They do have drive-thru daiquiri stores in Louisiana, don’t they?
  14. The Lumberjack
  15. Joy
  16. Bloom to Fly
  17. Jellicle Cats
  18. Northern Parula
  19. It was one of those March days

Photo by Missy Bowen.

A true harbinger of spring: In mid-March the Northern Parula comes through south Louisiana full of song and pep. Today the legendary Birdgirl Jones and I saw at least a half a million of them (well, OK, maybe more like 15) on the boardwalk at the Joyce Wildlife Management Area, and heard their buzzy trills all around us. Warblers are on the move, peeps. Look up and listen!



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